How we work


Awards & Certificates

Eurofit offers a unique footprint and reliable experience to the automotive industry.

Our teams are exposed to an extended range of specifications, from basic mounting, inflating and balancing of tire wheels sets, to the most sophisticated processes with high variance. We offer a full set of services in logistics, production, quality and administration made to measure to the customers’ needs and based on our competence and experience. This way we are the reference solution for just in sequence tire wheel sets delivery for multiple car manufacturer assembly plants.

The performances of operational excellence

Driven by enthusiasm and professionalism, Eurofit Group centralizes all demands and quotations from car manufacturers throughout the world. Founded on high level industrial strategies, they respond to challenges from the automotive industry with "tailor-made" solutions for each customer.

Flexibility to integrate latest product developments.

Specific car models require the integration of advanced technical. Eurofit Group has both the know-how and flexibility to include these innovative product changes in its production process.

A close partnership with component suppliers and equipment manufacturers are the bases of a successful implementation of the latest innovative technical solutions. Our industrialized assembly process is always tailor-made to fit the needs of the customer. We offer advanced tire to rim assembly procedures and methods and are able to offer to the automotive industry additional quality checks.

Some advanced assembly features:

  • •Run out measurement of rims and marking
  • •Dot to dot matching of tire to rim
  • •Bead seat optimization
  • •Tire to rim uniformity measurement control
  • •Radial and lateral run-out control on assemblies
  • •Static and dynamic unbalance correction and control
  • •Full traceability of assembly parameters linked to the car
  • •Sequential delivery on automated loading and unloading systems
  • •Additionally, services such as control of tire uniformity and vehicle sensitivity studies can be offered on request.