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Code of Conduct

Corporate Social Responsability

Core values

Eurofit is committed to conduct its business with the highest standards of business ethics. This code is intended to provide guidance and help in recognizing and dealing with ethical issues, to provide mechanisms to report unethical conduct and to help foster a culture of honesty and accountability. Eurofit is committed to conduct its business affairs in accordance with the economic development, objectives of the Government and foreign policies of all countries in which it operates.

1. Honest and ethical conduct

Eurofit expects all Staff to act in accordance with the highest standards of personal and professional integrity, honesty and ethical conduct, while working on Eurofit premises, at offsite locations where the Eurofit business is being conducted, at sponsored business and social events, or at any other place where Staff are representing the Group. Eurofit considers honest conduct to be conduct that is free from fraud or deception and that could be easily explained to close relatives. Eurofit considers ethical conduct to be a conduct conforming to the accepted professional standards of conduct. Ethical conduct includes the ethical handling of actual or apparent conflicts between personal and professional relationships.

2. Conflicts of interest

All Staff avoids and discloses to his/her direct manager and to the Head of Human Resources actual or apparent conflicts of interest. A conflict of interest exists where the interests or benefits of one person or entity conflict with the interests or benefits of Eurofit.

3. Compliance with Governmental Laws, Rules and Regulations

Staff must comply with all applicable governmental laws, rules and regulations..

4. Disclosure to the Public

Eurofit’s policy is to provide full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure in reports and documents that are filed with or submitted to Shareholders, to the Authorities in each country and to the Public

5. Relations with suppliers

Observing and Honouring the Terms and Conditions of Contracts

Eurofit personnel shall take note of and honor the terms and conditions of all contracts that are entered into with suppliers. Use of Bargaining Position Eurofit will not abuse its bargaining position or influence in order to force suppliers to accept unfair terms or to disclose technical know-how. Honest and Fair Transactions with Suppliers Eurofit engages in open and fair procurement activities. Fair competition based on performance Eurofit offers fair opportunities to suppliers and potential suppliers, and evaluates offers based on their overall capability, including quality, technology, price, volume and reliability of delivery as well as the stability of their business management and technological development capabilities. Mutual growth based on mutual trust Eurofit strives towards establishing mutually beneficial relationships with its suppliers, based upon close cooperation.

Eurofit fully embraces its Corporate Social Responsibility ( “CSR”) in a consistent global perspective and in every aspect of its operations. All Eurofit companies and staff will adhere to and follow the 4 following principles:

1. Integrity in Corporate Governance

Every Eurofit Company will:

  • develop and provide useful services, of the highest quality, reliability and easiness of use
  • develop relations with its Customers based upon loyalty and long-term commitment and will take responsibility for managing and safeguarding its own information and that of its customers
  • compete fairly, openly and freely, maintaining normal and healthy relationships with all stakeholders, whether political institutions, government bodies, citizens, customers, suppliers or other organizations

    Every Eurofit employee will:

  • operate with the highest ethical standards, and translate Eurofit’s Code of Conduct into daily practice
  • comply with both the letter and the spirit of national laws, and even sometimes exceed them when national laws are less extensively defined than Eurofit CSR principles  

    Every Eurofit company and all its staff will:

  • work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery

    2. Harmony with the Environment

    Every Eurofit Company will:

  • give proper consideration to the environment in its decision making process
  • take responsibility, as a citizen of the world, for working voluntarily and actively to preserve the environment
  • Every Eurofit company and all its staff will:

  • seek to implement technological innovations that reflect environmental concerns and will participate in ongoing activities to preserve the environment
  • 3. Respect for People

    Every Eurofit Company will:

  • maintain a working environment that is healthy and safe, will do whatever is necessary to prevent hazards and that makes it easier for its staff to perform their duties, respecting their richly individual characteristics and encouraging their autonomy and creativity
  • respect the rights of all those connected with it, in particular the rights for employees to associate, and will seek to create a cheerful working environment, free of discrimination, respecting diversity and based upon consultation and open dialogue
  • No Eurofit company will:

  • permit forced labor or child labor, nor will tolerate infringement on human rights
  • Every Eurofit employee will:

  • be paid in line or above the minimum salary and wages as defined by national laws and regulations and/or collective labor agreements and will be provided each year with the rest time and vacation time as provided by laws and regulations
  • 4. Harmony with Society

    Every Eurofit company will:

  • as a good corporate citizen, engage actively in activities that contribute to Society
  • respect the culture and customs of its country or region, and will operate so as to contribute to their development
  • engage in the fullest possible communication with Society, actively seeking to provide proper and unbiased disclosure of corporate information
  • work with suppliers that do share the same CSR mindset
  • Every Eurofit employee will:

  • listen to the ideas and suggestions put forward by all stakeholders to strengthen its CSR framework
    • We commit and deliver by empowering people.
    • We develop win-win partnership with our customers.
    • We strongly support the learning environment and embrace efficient change
    • We bring passion and fairness
    • We respect, care for and support each other