Who we are


Search for excellence

Eurofit Group was founded as joint venture between Michelin and Continental in 1996. It headquarters is located in Belgium, Zaventem, close to the international airport and motorway. Eurofit Group employs over 1000 associates in 20 locations on 4 continents. As TIER 1 supplier for Tire and Wheel Assembly Services for several automotive assembly plants, we have a long history of high quality solutions and a reputation of operational excellence with our partners.

In 1996 Eurofit started as joint venture of Continental and Michelin. Since then, Eurofit has grown throughout Europe and since 2004 in other continents. Today 19 Tire Wheel Assembly plants in 11 countries offer the automotive assembly industry an industrial solution through high precision equipment and services, responding to the specific needs of the car manufacturers, guaranteeing safety and flexibility for just-in-sequence delivery of tire wheel assemblies.

  • 1995 Gent (Belgium) Köln (Germany)
  • 1996 Mosel (Germany) Rastatt (Germany) Hanover (Germany)
  • 1997 EUROFIT NV - management company
  • 1999 Valenciennes (France)
  • 2000 Zaragoza (Spain) Vigo (Spain)
  • 2001 Bratislava (Slovakia)
  • 2002 Sindelfingen (Germany)
  • 2003 Poissy (France) Guichen (France)
  • 2004 Tuscaloosa (USA)
  • 2005 Aulnay (France) Kolin (Czech Republic) Spartanburg (USA)
  • 2006 Leipzig (Germany)
  • 2007 Hambach (Germany)
  • 2007 East London (South Africa)
  • 2009 Böblingen (Germany)
  • 2011 Kecskemét (Hungary)
  • 2013 Chengdu (China)
  • 2015 Sochaux (France)
  • Eurofit’s success is built on the search for excellence:
  • Ensuring a safe work environment
  • Adding value to customers
  • Leading with vision and passion
  • Recognizing and growing the talent of our people
  • Developing and sharing our expertise
  • Focusing on a sustainable future
  • Applying effective technology
  • Promoting creativity & innovation